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Polished Molybdenum Rod

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Polished molybdenum rod has flat, smooth surface. Molybdenum rod after polishing, under the action of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical can reduce product’s surface roughness, thereby obtaining a bright and smooth surface polished molybdenum rod.

Molybdenum rod product classification:
Depending on the material can be divided into:
1. Pure molybdenum bar: molybdenum content greater than 99.95%;
2. High temperature molybdenum rod (lanthanum molybdenum alloy rod): La2O3 content 0.4 ~1.2%;
3.TZM molybdenum rod: 0.4 ~ 0.6Ti, 0.07 ~ 0.127Zr, 0.01 ~ 0.05C;

Depending on surface machining state can be divided into:
1. Sintered molybdenum rod: silver gray metallic luster surface;
2. Forged molybdenum rod: the surface covered with oxide layer, showing dark black surface;
3. Turning molybdenum rod: the surface showing metallic luster, smooth, but rough;
4. Polished molybdenum rod: silver gray metallic luster surface, smooth surface, little size error;

Chinatungsten Online can provide high quality molybdenum rod and common product specifications is 0.4mm-100mm. Besides, we can produce customize products accordance with drawings and product tolerance is +/- 0.05mm, density 10.2. The surface shows silver metallic luster.

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