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Molybdenum Rotating Target

Molybdenum rotating target is kind of magnetic control target and it is typically produced in a cylindrical shape, where is equipped with a stationary magnet, so during operation, it will slow to rotate. Common product specifications are as follows: ID-133 / OD-157x 3191mm; ID-133 / OD-157 X 3855mm; ID-160 / OD-180x1800mm. Chinatungsten Online can offer a variety of conventional size molybdenum rotating target and the products can also be processed in accordance with the customer's specific requirements.

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Molybdenum rotating target has good performance, such as high operation temperature (usually operation temperature 1800℃, the maximum temperature 2310℃), high density (19.2 g/cc), high purity (99.95%), so commonly used for solar cell, architectural glass, automotive glass, semiconductor, flat panel television production.

Molybdenum rotating targets is a way to increase molybdenum sputtering target utilization. Compared to molybdenum plane targets, molybdenum rotating target structure designs can show substantial advantage of molybdenum sputtering target. The lifetime of molybdenum rotating traget is defined as the sputtering target sputtering power multiplied by time, or the total thickness which can to be deposited on the substrate. Compared to the plane target, the difference of geometry structure and design to make rotating target great improves the utilization of the target material. Utilization rate of molybdenum plane target is 30% ~ 50% and molybdenum rotating targets is > 80%. In addition, if the service life of target is sputtering power multiplied by the sputtering time, and then molybdenum rotating target service life is five times longer than plane target. What’s more, during sputtering, molybdenum rotating targets are constantly rotating, so it will not produce re-deposited phenomenon of on its surface.

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