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Molybdenum Target Mammography Examination Grades

Molybdenum target mammography examination grades are a diagnostic report of the breast, generally divided into 0-6 grades. The 0, 4, and 5 grade is the positive evaluation and 1, 2, 3 grade is the negative evaluation.

molybdenum target picture

Molybdenum target 0 grade: it can not be qualitative and need to combine other checks for analysis.

Molybdenum target 1 grade: Mammography showed breast structure clear and no lesions showed that can be sure no abnormal or normal.

Molybdenum target 2 grade: It can be sure of benign breast masses.

Molybdenum target 3 grade: Almost positive, it must be emphasized that this grade is not the type of uncertainty, but for mammography, it is less than 2% chance of malignancy (that is, almost all benign).

Molybdenum target 4 grade: It used to describe the need for interventional treatment but less malignant lesions and the risk of malignant is 3 to 94%.

Molybdenum target 5 grade: It used to describe lesions that are almost certainly breast cancer.

Molybdenum target 6 grade: This is an additional classification that is used for image evaluation has been proven to be malignant but not yet treated by pathologic biopsy.

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