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Molybdenum Plates

Molybdenmu plates are very hard, but softer and more ductile than tungsten. Molybdenum plate has a high elastic modulus, and only tungsten and tantalum have higher melting points. Molybdenum plates are used to alloy many specialty steels. Some other common uses for molybdenum products are electrodes, furnace applications, nuclear energy and missile and aircraft parts.

Material from 0 .090 inches to 3 inches in thickness is classified as molybdenum plates. Molybdenum plates are widely used in the construction of furnace tooling and parts and as a feed stock for the fabrication of parts for the electronics and semiconductor industries. Standard availability is described below. Other sizes and tolerances are available.

mo plate   molybdenum plate

Moly plate/ Molybdenum plate   Moly plate/ Molybdenum plate

Molybdenum platesn were siliconized using Si2Cl6 as a silicon source, and the siliconizing conditions and some of its properties were examined. The siliconizing of the molybdenum plates began by the deposition here and there of island-like MoSi2 deposits 4 to 6m thick in the initial stage (after 10 min induction time), and then coalescence of the deposits proceeded to form a uniform MoSi2 layer all over the molybdenum plates after 30 min siliconizing time. The weight decrease of the siliconized plate by anodic dissolution in 0.2 M sulphuric acid reduced exponentially with increasing thickness of the MOSi2 layer, and no weight decrease was observed at all above 16m thickness. The sea water corrosion and sea sand abrasion resistivities of the siliconized molybdenum plates increased with increasing siliconizing temperature and Si2Cl6 flow rate.

Surface Condition and Heat Treatment

Molybdenumplates are rolled and annealed to provide the optimum condition for the desired end use. Surface can be supplied in a shiny, matte, or as-rolled condition; dependent upon thickness and width parameters.


silver gray metallic luster.

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