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Molybdenum Target Mammography BI-RADS

Molybdenum Target Mammography BI-RADS (breast imaging reporting and data system) is a mammography imaging and data system developed by the American College of Radiology (ARC) and is widely used in breast ultrasound and MRI.

plate molybdenum target picture

BI-RADS is generally divided into 0-6 level:
BI-RADS Level 0: Requires integration with other checks
BI-RADS Level 1: Negative
BI-RADS Level 2: Benign
BI-RADS Level 3: Benign, short-term follow-up (3-6 months)
BI-RADS Level 4: Suspected malignancy, recommended biopsy
4A: Low suspicious
4B: Moderate Suspicious
4C: High but not sure
BI-RADS Level 5: Highly malignant
BI-RADS Level 6: Pathologically proven malignant.

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