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Molybdenum Alloy Wire Rod

Using powder metallurgy method, the ammonium material, reducing the choice of molybdenum and add yttrium oxide, yttrium alloy powder prepared by mixing a solution of molybdenum roasting, followed by pressing, sintering and processing properties of the molybdenum rolling experiment Ÿ Alloy wire, wire drawing process of industrial production yttrium alloy molybdenum rod.Yttrium oxide is added to the test system to discuss methods, content and adding process.The results showed that: the particles in the matrix to reduce milling additives have a strong refinement, and with enhanced while increasing; additives, a small amount of oxygen in the matrix a sudden increase in the phenomenon, and found to be the grain size, the specific surface area after the change is inevitable; yttrium redox chemical change does not occur, and eventually the oxygen in the matrix in the form of coated particles.

Isostatic way shape and contrast. The results show that: the body's oxygen-based particles coated particle crushing one of the reasons contract, in order to improve their performance more prominent addition. Molds and under appropriate conditions, molybdenum yttrium alloy powder cold isostatic molding machining process has a good performance. Yttrium molybdenum alloy chemical composition of sintered billet significant impact.

The results showed: low-melting impurities sintered alloy billets, activated sintering, sintering high impurity content. Sintering the green body in the body temperature of the billet from the heating system and the escape velocity of pores power impurities, sintering neck growth at the same time and the sintering furnace atmosphere. Mo has a greater density sintered yttrium alloy powder having excellent workability stock under certain conditions, rotary forging, drawing can be successfully processed into molybdenum alloy wire, and then annealed at 1300 ℃ a good match, the strength and extension resistance, yttrium alloy molybdenum alloy wire can be successfully recrystallization temperature range between 1600-1900 ℃.

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