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Molybdenum Plate Target

molybdenum plate target picture

Molybdenum plate target common thickness is 0.090 inch ~ 3 inch and its surface has silver-gray metallic luster. The common specification (mm) is: BCM = 9.9 (0.3-10) (60-400) 800.

Content: molybdenum content 99.95% - 99.6%, impurity content ≤0.04%.

Density: 10.2 g / cc.

Properties: melting point, high conductivity, lower specific resistance, good corrosion resistance and good environmental performance.

Production process: molybdenum powder - pressing - sintering - testing- hot rolling - annealing and leveling – alkali cleaning - machining- packaging – delivery.

Application: molybdenum plate target is widely used in mould and furnace parts manufacturing and the parts of electronics and semiconductor industries production. Besides, it is widely used in vacuum furnace and high temperature furnace and plate electrode of insulation materials and other industries.

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