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Molybdenum Target Mammography Machine

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Molybdenum target mammography machine is currently China's most advanced breast examination equipment, with the latest and the most cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements of mammography field with the following excellent features:

1. Mammography is the first choice for the diagnosis of breast disease and is the most convenient and most reliable noninvasive means of detection, which is one of the most effective methods for early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer, especially for Asian women with dense breast, to clearly displayed and precise positioning.

2. Reasonable Fuselage structure, it has C-arm structure, electromechanical movement, flat cathode molybdenum and tungsten dual target, high-speed rotating tube, which can achieve intelligent and efficient, comfortable detection, shorten time-consuming, low kV.

3. Clear detection images, high-definition images can meet the full range of clinical applications requirements and screening and diagnostic digital mammography, especially with the three-dimensional stereotactic biopsy system and mammography requirements, which can solve some breast disease detection and diagnosis.

4. Targeted treatment, mammography for a typical hard breast, such as ongoing radiation therapy and hormone therapy women’s breast has strong penetrating power, so according to the individual breast characteristics to automatic and accurate choice the best exposure parameters, to achieve personalized treatment.

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