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Mammary X-ray Machine Tungsten Molybdenum Composite Target

tungsten molybdenum target picture

Mammary X-ray machine tungsten molybdenum composite target refers the tungsten and molybdenum composite target applies to the X-ray machine. Tungsten and molybdenum composite targets have good properties of high temperature, high strength, corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, and are widely used in aerospace, rare earth smelting, electric light, chemical equipment, medical equipment, metallurgical machinery, smelting equipment, oil and other fields.

X-ray machine is an equipment to produce X-ray and mainly consists of X-ray bulb tube, X-ray machine power and control circuit and other components. X-ray bulb tube consists of cathode filament, anode target ​​and vacuum glass tube. The X-ray machine power supply can be divided into high-voltage power supply and filament power these two parts. The filament power is used for filament heating and high-voltage power supply high-voltage output were caught in the cathode filament and anode target both ends, which to provide a high-voltage electric field to make the active electrons on filament can accelerate to the anode target, forming a high velocity electron flow, bombarding the anode target surface, so 99% turns into heat and 1% due to Compton effect turns into X-ray.

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