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Molybdenum Target Types

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Molybdenum target types according to shapes can be divided into square molybdenum target, round molybdenum target, molybdenum plate target, molybdenum tube target and customized molybdenum target and so on. According to applications it can be divided into X-ray molybdenum target, molybdenum sputtering target and coated molybdenum target. Chinatungsten Online can provide high-performance, high-quality molybdenum target with different types.

Square molybdenum target has high melting point, high electrical conductivity, lower impedance, good corrosion resistance and good environmental performance.

Round molybdenum target can form film on various types of substrates and these films can be widely used in electronic components and electronic products.

Molybdenum plate target common thickness is 0.09 inch ~ 3 inch and the surface shows silver-gray metallic luster. Common Specifications (mm) is BCM = 9.9 (0.3-10) (60-400) 800 or bigger.

Molybdenum rotating target is kind of rotatable target and it is usually made cylindrical, which is equipped with stationary magnets, so during operation it will be rotated at slow speed.

Coated molybdenum target has good properties, including excellent high temperature performance, high temperature physical strength, high elastic modulus, excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance and other properties, so commonly used in the field of coatings, as coating materials.

Molybdenum tube target length is generally ≤3000mmm and outer diameter is ≤250mm. Besides the wall thickness is 3-25mm and flatness is 0.1mm. Further, the shape is tubulous and surface shows silver metallic luster.

X-ray molybdenum target can be used in the medical field, for breast examination. X-ray mammography as a noninvasive means of inspection, can more fully and accurately reflect the structure of the entire breast.

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