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Molybdenum Target Positioning

molybdenum target picture

Molybdenum target positioning: Patients take a sit and the lesion site will be able to put and fix on the center of oppression box. The bulb tube respectively turns 15°and on the same film exposure twice to get lesions 2 Cr photography spot. Use stereotaxic apparatus automatically calculates predetermined puncture coordinates and to adjust coordinates can determine the path of needle and depth.

After puncture according to the above radiography method turns the tube 15 degrees by counter-clockwise respectively, on the same film exposure twice time to obtain two different angles of orientation patch, to see if in place.

Send into the inner core and pull the outer sleeve, to put the barbed guide wire in the lesion and then to set up the breast oblique film, confirmed the head end of the wire position within the lesion, to send the patient into operating room for biopsy.

Positioning device use simulated breast mammography to combine coordinate positioning and will find breast lesion localization, which is the simulator equipment of breast lesions, simple structure, accurate measuring, easy to operate, easy to carry, easy to promote, so it is widely used. Molybdenum target positioning not only can reduce radiation damage caused by repeated molybdenum target radiogram, but also can avoid to blindness remove the tissue.

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