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Molybdenum Cube

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Molybdenum cube is a common product of molybdenum and its surface shows silver-white metallic luster. Besides, it has similar performance as molybdenum, including high strength, high temperature, and corrosion resistance and so on. Molybdenum cube and molybdenum rod are diamond / CBN grinding wheel for trimming resin binder, which is the best metal for trimming wheel. On the other hand, molybdenum cube can also be made into high temperature structural parts used in different temperature areas.

With modern grinding technology development, the rate utilization of diamond and CBN grinding is increase in the grinding machine and people have higher requirements for its processing efficiency and grinding ratio. Molybdenum has high strength, abrasion resistance and other excellent properties, so often used in this field. Molybdenum cube is used to trim a large block size wheel (diamond wheel/CBN wheel). Molybdenum rod used for trimming small grinding wheel or centerless grinding wheel. In addition, molybdenum rod has high melting point, good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion properties. At high temperature, it is anti-oxidation and has high strength, so compared with other material molybdenum is more suitable used in grinding wheel. The grinding wheel not only has good surface quality, shorten repair time, but also the repair intervals are long, which greatly improve production efficiency and quality.

Molybdenum cube manufacturing processes, milling - sieving - compaction - isostatic pressing - sintering - forging - annealing - detection - cutting - polishing - packaging.

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