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Molybdenum Target Mammography Machine Operation Procedure

Molybdenum target mammography machine operation procedure is as follows:
1.Open the machine's total power and console power.
2.Check the console instrument, to select the required projection conditions (automatic, semi-automatic, manual).
3.Before shooting should check the patient’s name, number, location and pay attention to the requirements and the number of radiographs of clinicians, to take radiation protection work.
4.Operate the machine should be carried out in accordance with regulations and can not force rotation.
5.Turn off the use of power in turn (the console → the total power supply).

molybdenum target mammography machine picturemolybdenum target picture

Molybdenum target mammography operation specification:
1.The machine should be operated by qualified personnel.
2.The machine should be regularly cleaned, maintenance and during cleaning can not start up, to avoid short circuit. To ensure the machine is well grounded. Before examination, the workers should re-check the external circuit where the patient may contact.
3.If bulb tube after long-term not use, then before operation should employ bulb tube training.
4.If the machine and the patient is abnormal, confirm the safety of patients and then take the appropriate measures to stop the machine. In the event of electric shock accident should take emergency plan.
5.Before examination to check the integrity of the pressure device and to oppress the breast the action should gentle, to minimize the discomfort of patients.
6.We must first understand the patient's physiological period and palpation.
7.The examination room should prepare first aid items, such as patients need to inject contrast agent, then should first do allergy test. If the process has allergic reaction occurs, should be in situ first aid and inform the superior and related departments.
8. The machine fails can not tamper with and the maintenance must be carried out by professionals.

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