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High Density Molybdenum Target Production Processes

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High density molybdenum target production processes are as follows: isostatic pressing - sintering by MF furnace - rolling - machine processing - detection - finished.

1. To select quality molybdenum powder, after HIP densification process for the first time can obtain first molybdenum target blank;

2. Put the molybdenum target blank package in the sleeve, and then to vacuumize;

3. Process second densification treatment on molybdenum target blank which packaged on the sleeve by cold isostatic pressing;

4. After second densification process, to wipe off the sleeve, to process third time densification process can obtain third molybdenum target blank;

5. After third time densification process, the third molybdenum target blank should process rolling to obtain fourth blank molybdenum targets;

6. After the hot rolling process, the fourth molybdenum target blank should process annealing to obtain molybdenum target.

Use this method can produce high quality molybdenum sputtering target and the uniformity structure and grain size, purity and surface dimensions can satisfy higher process demand of sputtering.

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