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Molybdenum Discs

molybdenum disk   molybdenum disc

Moly disk   moly disk

The molybdenum discs have similar thermal expansion to silicon. They are widely used as contact materials in silicon controlled rectifier diodes, transistors and thyristors, mounting material for power semiconductor devices and heat sink bases.

The diameter ranges of molybdenum discs are from 5 to 100 millimeters and the thickness range of molybdenum discs are from 0.1 to 4.0 millimeters.

Square piece: 4 - 25mm2, thickness of mo discs: 0.15- 1.5 mm.
Chemical Composition : Mo >= 99.9%, impurities <=0.10%
Physical Property: Density >=10.2g/cm3

Property: Good shielding capability

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