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High Quality Molybdenum Sputtering Target

high purity molybdenum target image

High quality molybdenum target is required to have high purity and high density. In addition, during the operation the target should bind with the chassis. Before sputtering, the target should bind with oxygen-free copper (aluminum or other material) chassis, so the target and chassis has good thermally and electrically conductive condition. Meanwhile, after binding should implement ultrasonic inspection to ensure binding domain is less than 2%, so as to meet the maximum sputtering power requirements without loss. Molybdenum target physical properties are as follows: density: 10.2 g/cm2, melting point: 2610℃, boiling point: 5560℃, purity: 99.9% /99.99% specifications: circular target, plate target, rotary target.

Application: It is mainly used for barrier material flat panel displays, thin-film solar cell electrodes and wiring materials and semiconductors production.

Advantages: Molybdenum target has good high temperature performance, high conductivity, low-impedance ratio, good corrosion resistance as well as environmental performance. Besides, the specific impedance and membrane stress is only half over to chromium and there are no environmental pollution problems, so it is become preferred sputtering target material of flat-panel display. In addition, the molybdenum target used in LCD components, the LCD display has better performance on brightness, contrast, and color and service life.

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