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Molybdenum Target Imaging Principle

molybdenum sputtering target picture

Molybdenum target imaging principle is as follows: conventional X-ray imaging should process film imaging, film loading, exposure, unloading film, image developing and image fixing and other processes. Molybdenum target digital imaging is through X-rays to penetrate the body directly to turn into electronic images and within a few seconds transmit to the computer, to form digital image displayed on the screen. Further, the computer can perform various digital images processing, such as enhancement, amplification, inversion, gray-scale transformation and so on. Besides, it can be stored by digital image and it is computerized management through transmission network to print the image out. At the present, digital imaging technology is the main direction in today's world of imaging development.

When projection to the breast should employ adequate compression, so that the breast thickness difference between the front and rear can reduce, to avoid blur caused by respiratory movement or body odor generated, improving the clarity of projection.

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