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Molybdenum Round Target

molybdenum round target picture

Molybdenum target according to the shape can be divided to product molybdenum round target, molybdenum square target and molybdenum plate target. And according to the application it can be divided into molybdenum X-ray target, molybdenum sputtering target and molybdenum coating target and so on.

Physical properties are as follows: purity: ≥99.95%, density: ≥10.15 g/cc, melting point: 2610 ℃, boiling point: 5560 ℃, Shape: round.

Properties: Molybdenum round target has high strength, uniform internal organization, excellent high temperature creep resistance property.

Applications: molybdenum target can form film on a variety of substrates and this sputtering film can be widely used as electronic components and electronic products, such as TFT-LED (Thin Film Transitor-Liquid Crystal Displays), plasma displays, inorganic light emitting diode display, field emission displays, thin-film solar cell, sensor, semiconductor device and having tunable function CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) field effect transistor gate and so on.

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