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Molybdenum Square Target

molybdenum square target picture

Molybdenum square target is one of products of molybdenum target.

Physical properties as follows: density: 10.2 g/cc, melting point: 2610℃, boiling point: 5560 ℃, purity: ≥99.95%, shape: square.

Properties: molybdenum has high melting point, high electrical conductivity, low specific impedance, good corrosion resistance and good environmental performance.

Applications: In the electronics industry, the molybdenum sputtering target is mainly used in flat panel displays, thin-film solar cell, wiring materials and semiconductors barrier material. In addition to the flat panel display industry, with the development of new energy industries, molybdenum sputtering targets used in the thin-film solar photovoltaic cells has gradually expanded.

Properties requirements: In order to increase molybdenum target sputtering rate and to ensure the quality of the deposited films, there are some properties requirements as follows.

1. Purity: high purity molybdenum target is, the better the performance of the sputtered film. General molybdenum target purity should reach to 99.95%, but with the continuous improvement of the LED industry, glass substrate size continues to improve and wiring length should be prolonged. Further, the line width should more thinner. In order to ensure the quality of the film uniformity and wiring, the target purity requirements have been increased. Molybdenum target used glass substrate its purity should in 99.99% to 99.999% or even higher.

2. Density: During sputtering, small density molybdenum target suffered bombardment, because the gas will release form internal air void of molybdenum target, resulting in a large-sized target particles splashing, or the film after the second electron bombardment to cause particles splashing, thereby reducing the quality of the film. Generally, the required density should above 98%.

3. The grain size and size distribution: Usually the molybdenum sputtering target is polycrystalline structure and the size can be microns to millimeters. Fine grain molybdenum target sputtering rate is fast than coarse grains. The smaller difference between the grain size of the target, the deposited film thickness distribution is more uniform.

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