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Molybdenum Target Mammography

molybdenum sputtering target picture

Molybdenum target mammography is low-dose breast X-ray inspection technique. As noninvasive inspection method, it can clearly show the layers of the breast tissue and can find breast hyperplasia, a variety of benign and malignant breast tumor and organizational structure disorder. Besides, it can observe less than 0.1 mm microcalcifications and calcification cluster, so it is as the most effective and reliable way to diagnose breast cancer and also is most reliable noninvasive detection method to detect the breast lumps.

Molybdenum target mammography advantages: it has a lot of advantages such as simple, convenient, low-cost and non-invasive and other advantages, which is one of the traditional methods for breast cancer examination and has become the preferred imaging method for breast cancer screening. An important role of mammography X-ray photography is it can detect asymptomatic patients or nonpalpable tumors, especially the latter, before two years to develop into palpation positive mass showed lesions. Mammography X-ray photography is more sensitive on breast calcification than other examination methods. The statistics show that in asymptomatic patients, mammography X-ray photography for breast cancer exanimation is more effectively than other traditional methods. Clinically palpable mass cases, mammography X-ray photography can through show tumor size, number, location, density, edge, shape, calcification and calcification shape, size, number, distribution and surrounding halo, skin changes to provide location and qualitative symptom for determining the nature of the lesion.

The limitations of mammography X-ray film is: firstly, patients’ mammary gland-rich will overlap with lesions, which can not show the whole picture of the lesion, or even false negative; secondly, to close the chest wall and dense breast small cancer is easy to miss; finally, sometimes it may not provide a clear diagnosis.

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