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Molybdenum Tube Target

Molybdenum tube is one of molybdenum target products and its length is generally ≤3000mmm. The outer diameter is ≤250mm and wall thickness is 3-25mm. Besides, the flatness is 0.1mm and the shape is tubulous. The surface shows silver metallic luster. Mo content is ≥99.95 and impurities content is 0.04 (%). Density is 10g/cm2

molybdenum tube target picture

Properties: molybdenum tube target has good creep resistance property, low thermal expansion coefficient, low vapor pressure, good electrical conductivity, excellent thermal conductivity, high melting performance.

Application: molybdenum tube target has good mechanical properties, mainly used in the steel industry, to improve the strength, hardness and corrosion resistance of steel. In addition, the molybdenum tube target has good heat and corrosion resistance, can also as heat-resistance parts used in aerospace, rocket parts and heat-resistant nuclear industry.

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