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Molybdenum Target Mammography and Color Doppler Ultrasound

Molybdenum target mammography and color doppler ultrasound are routine examination of breast examination, which has significant value for early breast cancer diagnosis. Mammography is designed for breast and other soft tissues soft X-ray examination. It penetration is weak, a small amount of radiation, so for the glandular tissue is not rich people the photographs contrast and sharpness are very high and some of fine structure and eliminate the lesion can be clear observed in the photo. Mammography is the gold standard for breast screening, but it can not replace other inspection items. Breast ultrasound and mammography as routine examination of the breast, complement each other. To combine mammography and B ultrasonic can more comprehensive understanding of the basic situation of suffering from breast disease, such as nipple discharge and so on.

B ultrasound as non-traumatic examination method refers to use ultrasonic principle to reflect physical characteristics, morphological structure and functional status on human soft tissue.  Ultrasonography for patients is no pain, no radiation, no damage, can be repeated for examination. However, B ultrasound can’t clear observer small calcification and has difficult on diagnosis small masses of gland hyperplasia and specific breast cancer, so if necessary should in conjunction with X-ray mammography, breast biopsy, breast cytology and other treatment method.

color doppler ultrasound picturemolybdenum target picture

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