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Plane Molybdenum Target

plane molybdenum target picture

Molybdenum sputtering target according to the shape can be divided into a plane molybdenum target, multi-arc molybdenum target, rotating molybdenum target and so on. Plane molybdenum target mainly refers to circular target and rectangular target having a certain thickness. The molybdenum target usually connects with the sputtering equipment by threaded connection.

Plane molybdenum target production processes are as follows:
1. Put the raw material into rubber mold set to obtain solid core silty molybdenum plate blank;
2. Then to press by cold isostatic pressing with pressure 300-400Mpa, after 8 minutes can obtain solid slab;
3. To put the solid slab into intermediate frequency sintering furnace, passing through hydrogen, heating to 2300 ℃, heating time is 28 hours. After water circulation cooling for 10 hours, cooled to room temperature can obtain blank;
4. To heat the blank to 1500 ℃, heating time is 2 hours, after hot rolling mill rolling make the shape up;
5. After machining can obtain plane molybdenum target.

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