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Cleaned Molybdenum Rod

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Cleaned molybdenum rod through caustic wash processing and its surface shows gray metallic luster, and smooth. Caustic wash method known as "alkali cooking method" is a chemical cleaning methods. Add lye in water, under a certain pressure to remove dirt. Lye can make dirt to soft, and then use mechanical descaling method, where descaling rate is generally up to 80%. The lye is kind of high strength lye usually produced by sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate or trisodium phosphate and it can soften, loosen, emulsifying and dispersing sediments of molybdenum rod to make the rod surface exhibits metallic luster, and smoother. During caustic washing, it tends to add some surfactants to increase the cleaning effect.

Molybdenum rod surface is easily oxidized, so during application should remove surface oxides. In dealing with the surface oxide, we can use strong acids (hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc.) to process. If the surface is slight oxide, we can use detergent which added abraser to clean, and then to wipe with soft cloth or sponge, and finally cleaned with warm water.

Molybdenum rod has good high temperature performance, often made into high-temperature products for different high temperature areas such as aerospace and industries. Besides, it has good thermal conductivity properties, so it is also often made into electronic components used in electronics.

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