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Molybdenum Target Mammography Examination Harmness

molybdenum tube target picture

Mammography can be used to detect breast cancer, but the molybdenum target mammography examination has a certain radiation and has certain harmness to human body, so it is generally recommended that young women to use color Doppler ultrasound to check. Some young women who are not fully developed, not married or not had children breast is not easy to accept large doses of radiation, because the radiation itself can cause cancer. Besides, young women gland is very thick, so mammography can not clearly reflect breast situation. But for middle-aged women, because of older, glandular atrophy, so mammography can clearly reflect the situation.

Experts explained that the molybdenum target mammography is soft X ray and its dose is very weak, so the impact on the patient can be ignored, which is basically harmless. Someone made an analogy, the amount of radiation of molybdenum target mammography examination is equivalent to the amount of radiation at the fight from Beijing to New York, it can be seen that it is quite safe.

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