Ammonium Molybdate

The chemical formula of Ammonium molybdate


not more than (%)
Si Al Fe Cu Mg Ni Mn
0.0006 0.0006 0.0006 0.0003 0.0006 0.0003 0.0003
P K Na Ca Pb Sn W
0.0005 0.01 0.0010 0.0008 0.0005 0.0005 0.02
Co Cr Cl- C S Ti As,Ag,Zn

Ammonium molybdate properties, uses and production processes

Chemical Properties:

Colorless or light yellow green monoclinic crystal. Soluble in water, acid and alkali, insoluble in alcohol. Use of ammonium molybdate:

Used as pigments, color lakes and fabric fire retardant agent, is the main raw material for preparation of molybdenum products, is also an important agricultural fertilizer;
For powder metallurgy, high purity molybdenum trioxide and other chemicals raw materials;
Used as a catalyst for petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry for the system molybdenum powder, molybdenum, molybdenum wire, molybdenum billet, molybdenum film, is also a trace element fertilizer;
Determination of phosphorus is an important reagent, is the best material for acrylonitrile catalyst;
For the production of molybdenum wire and other molybdenum compounds, also used in photography, ceramics, paint, catalyst, etc;
Reagents used for analysis, but also for the preparation of ceramic glazes.


Toxic substances/ Highly toxic;Oral - rat LD50: 333 mg / kg; intraperitoneal - rat LDL0: 203 mg / kg.
Mo high temperature toxic compounds, nitrogen oxides and ammonia fumes;Treasury ventilated low-temperature drying.

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