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Molybdenum Billet

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Molybdenum billet (molybdenum rod) can be divided into forged molybdenum billet and polished molybdenum billet according to the surface processing degree. Forged molybdenum billet surface has oxidation film and slight traces of forging. Polished molybdenum billet surface is metallic luster, no significant oxidation. Molybdenum rod according to chemical composition and application can divide into following main grade: GMPM, MHLM, and MHYM.

GMPM Molybdenum rod is mainly used for manufacturing purposes electronic vacuum device, guide rod, electrode, export line, heating electronic component and so on. MHLM and MHYM are mainly used for manufacturing tubes, electric light strut, side rod, wire and so on.
Put the same brand, lot number and specification’s molybdenum rod in wooden box and tied up with plastic rope or soft wire, then packed with outsourcing waterproof paper, placed in isolation foam board wooden box or carton. If you have other special requirements, please feel free to contact with us. During transportation, molybdenum rod should prevent moisture and can not be violent collision. The product should be stored in ventilated, dry and acid-free place to prevent oxidation, the storage period should not exceed six months.

Molybdenum rod after oxyhydrogen flame high temperatures burning, the surface will form dark oxide material, but at the room temperature molybdenum is stable. At 500 ℃ it will cause oxidizing reaction to form molybdenum trioxide which is surface oxide. Molybdenum trioxide is slightly soluble in hydrochloric acid, soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid. Besides, it can soluble in ammonia hydroxide and aqueous alkali, so we can wash molybdenum rod surface oxide film by dilute sodium hydroxide solution.

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