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Molybdenum Target Mammography Examination Processes

Molybdenum target mammography examination processes:
molybdenum target picture 1. Understand the patient information;
2. Communication with the patient and the content of inquiry include previous inspection history, menstruation, the breasts complained of symptoms, surgical history, medication history, genetic history and so on.
3. To change medical clothing, during the examination should change the medical clothing and wear lead apron. Besides, the workers should tell the patients the cloth should unbutton and to wear the lead apron around the waist.
4. Before inspection the workers should prepare wet wipes and dry wipes to wipe will the panels, compression plate and panels form the top to the bottom, and then to take physical examination.
5. To help patient positioning and the order is r from the left internal mammary axial, axial right breast, right breast oblique, oblique left breast.
6. After examination, tell patient to change the cloth and clean the machine.
7. Adjust the stored images, including an image size, position, contrast.
8. Explain to patients their diagnosis.

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