Molybdenum Electrode and Glass Electic Melting Technology

molybdenum electrodes


Molybdenum glass melting electrodes surface showing the bright silver-white metal color, placed at room temperature in air, will turn dark silver or uniform gray. The higher the purity of molybdenum electrodes the colors look better and smaller annual variation.

Molybdenum Glass Melting Electrodes

Molybdenum electrodes have many good properties,often used in melting furnace for glass melting, so often known as molybdenum glass melting electrodes.

Molybdenum Melting Electrode

Molybdenum has good high temperature resistance, electrical and thermal conductiveties and corrsion resistance often produced as electrode material used in glass furnace, knew as molybdenum melting electrode.

Electric Boosting Molybdenum Electrode

Electric boosting molybdenum electrode is kind of electrode material used in an electric boosting furnace. Glass electric boosting furnace is using fossil fuels to melt glass and at the same time to introduce electric energy to auxiliary heat molten glass.

Glass Melting Zirconia Molybdenum Electrode

Glass melting zirconia molybdenum electrodes (MoZrO2 molybdenum electrodes) are an electrode doped with a small amount of zirconia. Compared to pure molybdenum electrodes, it is not only retains the high temperature performance and thermal conductivity properties, and has greatly advanced in corrosion resistance and high temperature strength.

Molybdenum Electrode and Glass Electric Melting Technology

In recent years, molybdenum electrode and glass electric melting technology has been great developed, so molybdenum electrodes used in glass electric melting furnace has great significance.

Molybdenum Glass Melting Electrode Properties

Molybdenum glass melting electrode has high strength, high hardness, high temperature oxidation resistance and stable chemical and physical properties, so commonly used in glass melting furnace for melting glass.

Molybdenum Glass Melting Electrode Application

Molybdenum glass melting electrodes, also known as molybdenum electrode. It has a lot of good properties, so it has large application field. Molybdenum Electrodes is widely used in electric glass furnace.

Molybdenum Glass Melting Electrode Production Process

Molybdenum electrode is mainly produced by powder metallurgy method, and the production process is as follows: doping-mixing-pressing-swaging-recrystallization annealing-drawing–straightening-polishing.

Molybdenum Electrode Used in Glass Furnace

Molybdenum electrode has high temperature property and strong surface current density, commonly used in glass furnace, for soda lime glass and high boron glass production.

Molybdenum Glass Melting Electrode Coating

Molybdenum electrode is easily oxidized at high temperatures, which will seriously affect the life of electrode and glass furnace, so coated glass substrate oxidation coating on electrode can effectively extend electrode’s life.

Molybdenum Electrode Used for Glass Wool Manufacturing

Glass wool is a kind of irregular glass fiber, and using high density and high purity molybdenum electrodes for glass wool production can obtain good performance glass wool.

Molybdenum Electrode Used for Cotton Insulation Manufacturing

Molybdenum electrode has good high temperature resistance and thermal and electric conductivities, so it is widely used for cotton insulation production.

Molybdenum Electrode Used for Optical Glass Manufacturing

Molybdenum electrode as improtant component in metlting furnace, the quality of electrode will affect the properties and performance of optical glass.

Molybdenum Electrode Used for Industrial Glass Manufacturing

Most glass furnace uses molybdenum electrodes as the heating element, which can not only improve glass quality, and extend the life of the glass furnace.

Molybdenum Electrode Used for Domestic Glass Manufacturing

High density and low impurity content molybdenum electrodes can produce high quality domestic glass, including window glass, household glass products and so on.

Molybdenum Electrode Used for Rare Earth Industrial

Molybdenum electrode have good high temperature properties and corrosion resistance, so it is often used as heating conponent applied in the rare earth industry, for rare earth metals production.Internationally molybdenum electrode component content is 99.95%, density greater than 10.15g /cm3, in order to ensure the quality rare earth and life of electrodes.

Molybdenum Electrode Used for Glass Fiber Manufacturing

Molybdenum electrodes have good high temperature performance, corrosion resistance and and good electrical and thermal conductivity, often as a heating component widely used in glass fiber production.

Molybdenum Electrode Used for Refractory Fiber Manufacturing

Molybdenum electrodes have good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity rate, so it is often as heating component applied in furnace for refractory fiber manufacturing.

Molybdenum Electrode and Molten Glass

Sintered molybdenum electrode, forged molybdenum electrode and smelted molybdenum electrode as electrode materials in molten glass have different effects.

Molybdenum Electrode and Water Jacket

Water jacket is an effective measure to protect molybdenum electrodes and the furnace, its main role including fixed electrode, to prevent electrode oxidation.

Molybdenum Electrode and Glass Furnace Forehearth

Molybdenum electrode has high temperature, corrosion resistance and other properties. Besides, it react with molten glass will produce colorless products, which will not affect glass’ quality. What’s more, the price is reasonable. So molybdenum electrode is an ideal electrode material for glass furnace forehearth.

New Type Molybdenum Matrix Electrode and Glass Furnace

New molybdenum matrix electrode (MoZrO2 molybdenum electrode) has stronger corrosion resistance property and high temperature strength, therefore it is more suitable as an electrode material used in glass furnace.

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