Titanium Zirconium Molybdenum Products(TZM alloy)

TZM alloy


Titanium zirconium molybdenum (TZM alloy) products have a variety of forms, including tube, block, plate, sheet, screw, bolt, rod, bar, nozzle and other shaped pieces. TZM alloy related products have excellent performances and have been widely used in industrial, military, aerospace and other fields.

TZM Tube

TZM tube has good high temperature property and mechanical property. So it is widely used in electronic tube, high-temperature heating furnace, thermocouple protection tube in high temperature furnace, high-power electronic tube’s grid and the cathode support cylinder, sputtering targets and sapphire crystal furnace.

TZM Cube

TZM cube is a refractory metal and it shows shiny silver or gray metallic luster. TZM cube primarily as a high-temperature components used in high temperature environment. In addition, TZM cube and TZM rod can be used in dressing grinding wheel, and they are the best metal for grinding wheel.

TZM Plate

TZM plate is widely used in electrode, furnace elements, vacuum evaporation boat, heat shields, vacuum furnaces and furnace parts. In addition, TZM plate is the raw material using in electronics industry and semiconductor industrial.

TZM Sheet

TZM sheet is commonly used in the sintering boats assembly and usually as high-temperature heating parts and heat shield is used in different high temperature fields.

TZM Bolt

TZM Bolt produced by powder metallurgy, purity levels greater than 99.5%, primarily as a vacuum furnace thermal farm components, sapphire thermal field components, and high temperature components.


TZM nuts and TZM bolt are the most basic components, and primarily as vacuum furnace thermal field components, sapphire thermal field components, and high temperature components are widely used. TZM bolt and TZM nut usually uses by paired, mainly to prevent TZM nut and TZM screw melting due to overheating.

Rare Earth Doped TZM Alloy

Doped with a small amount of rare earth elements can refine TZM alloy’s grains, to improve the performance of the alloy. Common rare earth doped elements are La and Re, using powder metallurgy method to produce La2O3-TZM alloy and Re-TZM alloy.

TZM Customized

TZM alloy elongation, elastic modulus, yield strength, tensile strength, fracture toughness and other mechanical properties are better than pure molybdenum, so it helps to manufacture. TZM alloy can be processed into different shaped. Common TZM customized products includes TZM nut, TZM screw, TZM nozzle, TZM hot runner and so on.


Titanium zirconium molybdenum rod (TZM rod) produced by powder metallurgy. It has good high temperature performance, mechanical property, which can be widely applied in many fields. Because of its excellent high temperature performance and corrosion resistance, TZM rods are often made into hot runner and hot runner nozzle used in hot runner systems.

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