Molybdenum Alloy

Molybdenum AlloyMolybdenum alloy has excellent strength and mechanical stability at high temperatures (up to 1900°C). Their highductility and toughness provide a greater tolerance for imperfections and brittle fracture than ceramics.

The unique properties of molybdenum alloy are utilised in many applications:

High temperature heating elements, radiation shields, extrusions, forging dies, etc;

Rotating X-ray anodes used in clinical diagnostics;

Glass melting furnace electrodes and components that are resistant to molten glass;

Heat sinks with thermal expansivity matching silicon for semiconductor chip mounts;

molybdenum alloy

Sputtered layers, only Ångstroms (10-7 mm) thick, for gates and interconnects on integrated circuit chips;

Sprayed coatings on automotive piston rings and machine components to reduce friction and improve wear.

For specialised applications, Mo is alloyed with many other metals:

Tungsten molybdenum alloy are noted for exceptional resistance to molten zinc;

Mo is clad with copper to provide low expansion and high conductivity electronic circuit boards;

Mo-25% rhenium alloys are used for rocket engine components and liquid metal heat exchangers which must be ductile at room temperature.

Molybdenum Alloy and Materials Systems

System Example Properties of Interest
Pure Mo 99.95 wt % Mo Elevated temperature strength, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion
Substitutional alloys Mo-W Improved hot strength;Zn corrosion resistance
Mo-Re Improved low temperature ductility
Carbide-stabilized alloys TZM Improved hot strength and creep resistance
MHC Higher hot strength and creep resistance than TZM
Oxide-dispersed systems La2O3 (ML,ODS-Mo) Outstanding hot strength and creep resistance
Y2O3(MY) Outstanding hot strength, creep resistance
Other systems Cu-Mo-Cu laminate Engineered thermal properties
Mo-Ni laminate Solderability
Mo-Cu powder composite Isotropic engineered thermal properties

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