TZM Alloy TIG Welding

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TZM alloy because of its good high-temperature properties are widely used in high temperature mold industry, aerospace, industrial machinery and other industries. TZM alloy as a structural material used in these areas typically require the desired shape and configuration which can achieved by welding skills. The experiment found that, in order to prevent TZM oxidation or inhaled nitrogen and other impurities in the welding process, a better method is TIG welding. Using TIG welding, it can make TZM alloy during welding process protect by inert gas (argon) to cut off the air and to prevent oxidation or nitrogen elements intrusion. The experiment found that the optimum welding parameters are as follows: welding speed 4mm / s; argon gas flow: 10L / min; welding current: 210A....More

TZM Alloy Property Improvement

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TZM alloy has high temperature property, but at the high temperature oxidation resistance is poor. At the high temperature TZM alloy can’t produce anti-oxidation layer to protect itself, leading to life service and application range greatly shortened. Improving alloy’s oxidation resistance there are two main methods: alloyage and coating method. Alloyage refers to adding trace elements to improve alloy’s oxidation resistance. And coating method refers to coating a protection layer on alloy surface to improve high temperature oxidation resistance of the alloy. Al powder is usually used in coating material as raw material. And after experiment found the optimum parameters for coating are as following: m (Al2O3): m (Al): m (NH4Cl) = 7: 2: 1,1000 ℃, 12h....More

New Type Rare Earth Doped TZM Alloy

TZM alloy

The experiment found that doping rare earth into molybdenum can refined molybdenum grains. Besides, rare earth molybdenum alloy not only has lower plastic-brittle transition temperature, but it can improve some molybdenum properties, such as increasing molybdenum recrystallization temperature and high temperature strength, improving toughness plasticity property and high temperature creep property. As we know, TZM alloy has high melting point, high strength, high elastic modulus, low expansion coefficient, low vapor pressure, good electrical and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and other good properties. It is the one of most widely used alloy in molybdenum alloy. To make TZM alloy can be applied to more areas, some scholars to prepare a new type rare earth doped TZM alloy, thereby improving ductility and toughness properties of TZM alloy....More

Using TZM Alloy to Produce Titanium Isothermal Forging Mold Material

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Titanium alloy has some special requirements on isothermal forging, for example, there are some special requirements on mold temperature, pressure and dwell time. During isothermal forging the mold temperature should be at 850~950 ℃ and pressure should be control at 100~120 MPa. Besides, the dwell time should be at 5~15 minutes, and based on the above requirements, commonly used nickel-base superalloy, insoluble metals and their alloys (TZM alloy), ceramic material, such as silicon nitride, silicon carbide and so on as titanium isothermal forging material. The experiment found that compared to the performance of other material TZM alloy has more favorable advantages. TZM alloy not only has good temperature resistance and high strength property, but the die service life also has a strong advantage....More