Integrated Type TZM Hot Runner

TZM hot runner


Integrated type TZM hot runner integrates hot runner's mechanical structure, electrical system, and hydraulic system as an integral. This type only need to positioning erection which can avoid non-professional worker to reach hot runner system’s internal structure, greatly improving the safety of its using.

Hot runner system usually uses insoluble metals and alloys as a raw material. TZM alloy not only has good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and other properties, and the price compared to other insoluble metal is more reasonable, so it can widely use in hot runner system. Hot runner system is generally comprised of nozzle, manifold, temperature controller and other components. The manifold material commonly used P20 or H13 as raw material. Manifold is generally divided into two major types of standard and non-standard, and its structure mainly depends on the distribution ofcavity in mould, nozzle arrangement and gate position. Temperature controller includes main engine, cables, connectors and sockets. Hot runner components typically include: heater and a thermocouple, runner seals, connectors and junction boxes and so on.


According to the type of hot runner system can be divided into: insulated hot runner system and semi hot runner system;

According to the type of nozzle can be divided into: Open gate hot runner and valve gate hot runner;

According to installation can be divided into: assembly type hot runner, integrated hot runner and hot half runner;

Non-standard hot runner systems: according to the special requirements of the mold to hot runner system can design customized hot runner systems.

TZM Hot Runner Development

Hot runner mold manufacturing in the more developed industrial countries and regions is extremely active. With the continuous development of hot runner systems, many less than 10 people small mold factory have carried out hot runner mold production. Generally speaking, North America, Europe, has a long history of using hot runner technology, having more experienced and high levels. In Asia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong is in the leading position, excluding Japan. North America, Europe has higher level of mold manufacturing, but higher prices and longer delivery limited its application. In contrast, Asian hot runner mold manufacturers are more competitive on price and delivery.

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