TZM Hot Runner Nozzle Tip

TZM hot runner nozzle tip


Titanium zirconium molybdenum (TZM) hot runner nozzle tip has good high temperature resistance and mechanical properties, in favor of excellent performance, high efficiency, and long service life plastic products production. It is an important part in hot runner system, and according to the shape of the nozzle tip it can be divided into two types, open system and valve system nozzle tip.


TZM nozzle depending on the tip shapes are divided into two types, open type and valve type. Open type nozzle is made of main body, heating coil, tips, stainless steel tubes and thermocouples. And valve type nozzle is made of air cylinder, cylinder cover, lower cover, piston, main gate, valve needle.

Open type nozzle is divided into pinpoint gate and edge gate nozzle. Pinpoint gate nozzle is suitable for small to medium, allowing a slight water spout products’ production, such as: caps, daily necessities. Edge gate nozzle is suitable for medium to large, allowing more water spout, large injection products’ production, such as: trash can, washbasin.

Valve needle type nozzle is suitable for no gate, beautiful products production, such as bottle blank and thin plastic products.

TZM alloy has good mechanical property so manufacturers usually use it as raw material to produce different shape nozzle tip.

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