Hot Half TZM Hot Runner

TZM hot runner


The working principle of hot runner is by the help of electric heating to maintain plastic in molten state. In the injection molding process, hot runner and mould use cooperatively to produce high quality, high-precision’s products. Hot runner often uses at high temperature, and therefore should has good high temperature performance. TZM alloy is most widely used alloys among molybdenum alloy having good high temperature property, commonly used in hot runner production. TZM hot runner system according to the installation method can be divided into assembled type TZM runner, integrated type TZM hot runner, and hot half TZM hot runner.Hot half TZM hot runner can be individually removable,and more suitable for applications that require frequent disassembly mold.


Assembled hot runner system’s all components can rely on the mold structure to achieve on-site assembly. It can meet the special requirements of hot runner structure design transformation and allows the manifold and the nozzle relative movement in the heating process, which is suitable for large thermal expansion angle hot runner system application.

Integrated hot runner system integrates mechanical structure, electrical system, and hydraulic system as an integral. When the operation only needs to positioning erection, thus avoiding non-professionals worker to touch hot runner system internal structure, can not only improve using safety and can extend hot runner’s life.

Hot half TZM Hot runner includes hot runner backing plate, hot runner support plate and the code template hot runner. Manufacturer completely processing cover half portion excepting cavity plate and install hot runner in the inner of hot runner system. Since the cavity removable separately can apply in frequent disassembly mold application.

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