TZM Hot Half Hot Runner

TZM hot runner


Titanium zirconium molybdenum (TZM) hot runner has good corrosion resistance and high-temperature property, so in the injection molding industry the applications of it is more widely. TZM hot runner system is divided into insulated hot runner system and hot half hot runner system. Insulated hot runner design is more complexity, but the effect is good, so the maintenance costs are higher. In contrast, hot half hot runner structure is relatively simple and has stable performance, so the failure rate is low. In addition, due to its simple construction and low maintenance costs, the stability of the production will be greater assurance. Based on the above advantages, hot half hot runner system is gradually used by engineers and application areas have gradually widened. TZM hot half hot runner usually includes total spreader plate, minitype hot runner nozzle, spreader plate heating coil, spreader plate thermocouple sensor, single-zone temperature controller and other components.

TZM hot half hot runner has special structure design, compared with needle type and spring type valve gate, it has better plastic mobility. Beside, it is possible to reduce drawing, wear, leakage and blockage and other issues which usually occur on other type hot runner. In addition, hot half hot runner is used for porous injection molding, and especially there is no need to worry gate balance problems. Moreover, the system is easy to control the temperature and to use bulk heating can reduce the production cost.


TZM hot half hot runner advantages:

1. The TZM hot half hot runner uses hot runner system to replace most of the main pouring gate, leaving tiny gate, can effectively reduce 50% -80% gates and waste.

2. Hot half hot runner structure is relatively simple, so the hot runner nozzle failure rate is low.

3. The products which makes by hot half TZM hot runner have good physical property. Besides, it can effectively control the WELD-LINE and reduce undesirable molding problems.

4. Compared with the insulated hot runner, hot half TZM hot runner’s price is more favorable. At the same time, because of its simple structure, therefore, the use and maintenance spending is less than other hot runner system.

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