TZM Hot Runner Nozzle

TZM hot runner nozzle


The hot runner system is an assembly of heated components used in plastic injection molds that inject molten plastic into the cavities of the mold, to obtain high quality plastic products. And it is usually make of nozzle, temperature controller, manifold and other parts.

Titanium zirconium molybdenum (TZM) hot runner nozzle with high temperature resistance, high strength, good corrosion resistance and other excellent properties, are widely used in all kinds of hot runner nozzle production. TZM nozzle is an important part of the hot runner system, according to the nozzle in the form shape it can be divided into two main type, open gate and valve gate.


TZM valve gate hot runner nozzle is widely used and its main advantages are:

1. Shorter cycle times, increased productivity;

2. Improved processing window;

3. No drooling or stringing of the gate;

4. Better plastic part surface and gate quality;

5. Accurate control of injection timing and melt distribution;

6. Optimized cavity venting and weld line positioning;

7. Faster mold start-up;

8. Improved automated molding cells;

9. Ideal for thin-wall parts, foam and gas assist injection;

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