Assembled Type TZM Hot Runner

TZM hot runner


Conventional hot runner nozzle system’s nozzle not always be installed in the manifold can also be connected to the virtual nozzle flange, but such systems require a fixed board to maintain system integrity. For most plastics processing, because the mold temperature close to 200 ℃, so between the runner and the mold there is a temperature difference. If the system is connected to the mold plate will raise the temperature and increase heat loss, and may also have dead flow between the manifold and the nozzle.

Assembled type TZM hot runner all components are assembled on-site relying on mold structure, easy to demand special hot runner structure design transformation requirement, allowing the manifold and the nozzle relative movement in the heating process, suitable for having large thermal expansion angle hot runner system using.


1. Assembled hot runner is in favor of eliminating the leakage between hot runner nozzle and manifold.

2. Assembled type hot runner locates in the center position and little connects with mold, so it can provide high accuracy and stable temperature curve and the energy consumption is much lower than conventional hot runner system. In addition, the manufacturing materials are not required to have a high thermal conductivity, and are not required to set the clamping and pre-tension of mold pieces.

3. When hot runner mold or hot runner systems require regular maintenance, assembled type hot runner system can simply be removed from the mold down for repair and inspection, reducing maintenance costs, and reduces the chance of assembly errors occur.

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