Hot Runner System Types

hot runner system picture

There are many types of hot runner systems, such as hot tip hot runner system, open pipe hot runner system and valve gating hot runner system.

Hot tip hot runner system is the most widely used hot runner system, which is mainly through the insert at the front of the nozzle and HOT TIP to connect with cooling system, so it can well control and adjust plastic molding processing temperature on the pouring gate. Hot tip hot runner systems can be used to process most crystalline and non-crystalline plastics.

In open pipe hot runner system, the plastic through the open pipe into the cavity, it is suitable for medium-sized and medium weight parts injection molding processing. Its advantages are as following: the plastic during filling through the gate has low shear rate and there is small residual stress after forming, less deformation, so mechanical strength is better.

Valve gating hot runner system uses valve control device through mechanical movement at predetermined times to open and close the gates. The advantage is that it can control the gate switch time, and the gate is smooth, which is widely used in automobile manufacturing, medical, electronics, office equipment and other fields.

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