Zirconium Molybdenum Corrugated Pipe

zirconium molybdenum corrugated pipe picture

Zirconium molybdenum corrugated pipe is a kind of special-shaped products of molybdenum alloy. Its main function is to prevent thermal deformation, to absorb shock and to settle pipelines deformation, which is widely used in petrochemical, instrument, aerospace, chemical, electric power, cement and metallurgy and other industries. Zirconium molybdenum corrugated pipe often combined with the displacement sensor to form pressure sensor, and sometimes also used as isolation components. Since the expansion of the zirconium molybdenum corrugated pipe requires a large volume change, so its corresponding speed is less than the corrugated pipe. Corrugated pipe is suitable for measuring low pressure.

Zirconium molybdenum corrugated pipe is widely used in instrumentation and the main purpose is as measuring element of pressure measurement instruments, which is to turn the pressure into displacement or force. Corrugated pipe wall is thin, high sensitivity, measuring range of tens of Pa to dozens of megapascals. In addition, the corrugated pipe can also serve as a sealing isolating element, separating the two media or preventing harmful fluid flow into the part of measure device. It can also be used as a compensating element, compensating the temperature error of the instrument by its volumetric variability. Sometimes it is used as two parts of the elastic joint.

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