TZM Shielding Material

TZM alloy picture

TZM shielding materials with high density, high radiation shielding and environmental characteristics, often made into shielding, widely used in medical fields.

High radiation shielding property: As the medical TZM shielding material has good shielding properties on several of radiation and only 3mm thickness can prevent 150keV of γ-ray and reduce 90% radiation, which is very suitable for the high spatial resolution requirements occasions, such as medical collimator, multi-page grating and so on. TZM alloy has high density (60% greater than lead), so to reduce the size of the radiation shielding will not affect the radiation shielding effect.

Environmental protection: Lead as a radioactive shielding has greater harm and uranium materials as gamma rays shielding has strong radioactive, due to medical shielding material environmental characteristics, TZM alloy is environmental martial for medical devices production.

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