Titanium Zirconium Molybdenum Rod(TZM Rod)

TZM rod


Titanium zirconium molybdenum rod (TZM rod) is produced by powder metallurgy method. TZM rod added Ti, Zr and C trace elements basis on molybdenum-base to produce high temperature alloy. It has high temperature performance, good mechanical property and other good properties, including: high melting point, high strength, high elastic modulus, low linear expansion coefficient, low vapor pressure, good electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and so on. So it is used in many areas.

Production Processes

TZM blanks (raw materials) - inspection - hot rolling - annealing and leveling – caustic wash - test – warn rolling - vacuum annealing - test – cold rolling - leveling – cutting- vacuum annealing - test - packaging


TZM alloy rods according to processing degree can be divided into the following types:
Sintered TZM rod: sintered TZM rod without subsequent processing, the surface is gray-black showing no metallic luster.
Forged TZM rod: TZM bar after forged process the surface will produce oxide layer. The surface is black without metal-coloured.
Grinded TZM rod: TZM bars depending on the surface state and the quality requirements can be grinded one or more times. After grinded TZM rod surface shows silver or gray metallic luster.
Polished TZM rod: polished TZM bar refers polish processing on rods’ surface, so that the surface roughness will be reduced and to obtain bright, smooth TZM rods.
Cleaned TZM Rod: cleaned TZM rod is produced by caustic processing. The surface of cleaned TZM rod shows metallic and smoother.


TZM rod has good high temperature resistance and mechanical properties, so it is widely used in various high-temperature fields. It is commonly used in electric vacuum devices and electric light source parts manufacture and it is suitable for processing ion implantation parts manufacture. As a high-temperature heating element and a high temperature structural parts, often used as a furnace electrodes are used in glass and fire-resistant fiber industry. Working at 1300 ℃ glass melt, it not only has good performance, but it has long service life. In the rare earth industry it often as an electrode is widely used in this field. In addition, TZM rods can also be used for hot runner systems for various type hot runner and hot runner nozzle production.

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