0.18 Molybdenum Cutting Wire

molybdenum wire

0.18 molybdenum cutting wire refers to Ø 0.18 molybdenum wire, because it usually used in commonly WEDM (wire eletric discharge machine), so often known as WEDM molybdenum wire.

Wire-electrode cutting usually operates by WEDM and the basic physical principle is the free positive electrons and ions to accumulate to form conductive path and to form current between the two plates, leading to numerous collisions between the particles, forming plasma area. The temperature can rapidly raise to 800-1200 ℃ high temperature which can used for melting some materials. Therefore, EDM has high requirements on molybdenum wire, such as Mo content should be not less than 99.3%, good tensile strength, low elongation, uniform wire diameter, large crimp percentage, no surface oxide layer.

Molybdenum wire cutting properties:
Electrical property: Modern cutting power has strictly requirements on wire resistance or conductivity. They should able to withstand peak value more than 700A and average value more than 45A large cutting current and energy transmission should to be very effective, which can provide required high-frequency pulse current. Molybdenum wire has good electrical conductivity, which can satisfy this requirement.
Mechanical property: molybdenum wire has good tensile strength, low elongation, large percentage crimp, wire diameter consistent and other good performance, which can well meet the EDM electrode wire mechanical performance requirements.
Geometric Features: EDM electrode wire has minimal geometric properties requirements and molybdenum wire with smooth surface, wire diameter tolerance +/- 0.001mm and other good geometric features drawing by wire-drawing die.
Thermal Property: Good thermal physical property is the key to improve the cutting efficiency. Molybdenum wire has high melting point, high temperature, corrosion resistance and other good properties, so it is widely used in EDM.

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