cleaned Molybdenum Wire

molybdenum wire/ moly wire

The cleaned molybdenum wire is electrolytic polished molybdenum wire, the surface shall be clean, smooth and bright, uniform in dimension. Mainly applied for mandrel of spiral filament, lead, support and other components.

Our factory can provide Cleaned molybdenum wire with the diameter among Ø0.03~ Ø2.0mm, we can also make your orders as your requirements.

The use of molybdenum is not large, the vacuum tube is mainly used to manufacture cathode, anode, tungsten light bulb inside the brackets and so on. In 1927, people made of ultra-pure metal molybdenum, the purity of 99.999%, pull into a filament, the wire used for integrated circuits. In addition, the cleaned molybdenum wire EDM machine is also used.In recent years, CNC EDM made in China, is to use conductive metal molybdenum wire, for cutting - EDM.Protection of inert gases in the atmosphere, the molybdenum wire and tungsten wire can be formulated into a high temperature thermocouple, which measures the 1200-2000 ℃ high temperature.

Dimension Range

Diameter (mm) Main content (>%) Tolerance (mm) Weight (kg) Length (m) Dia of pool (mm)
1.41~1.50 99.95 +0/-0.04 4-10 250-600 450~600
1.51~1.62 99.95 +0/-0.04 4-10 220-480 450~600
1.91~2.00 99.95 +0/-0.04 5-12 170-380 450~600
2.21~2.30 99.95 +0/-0.05 5-12 130-280 450~600
2.31~2.40 99.95 +0/-0.05 6-16 130-350 600
3.10~3.18 99.95 +0/-0.05 6-16 80-200 600

Characteristic of cleaned Molybdenum wires:

Name Specific Property Application
Molybdenum wire cleaned by electrolysis The aquadag layer can be removed by electrolysis. Mandrels of tungsten coiled coil
Molybdenum wire cleaned in hydrogen atmosphere The aquadag layer can be removed in hydrogen atmosphere. Used in making supports of various type of bulb

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