Molybdenum Powder

molybdenum powderMolybdenum Profile

Molybdenum is a metallic molybdenum powder state. In secondary ammonium or calcined into MoO3 as raw material, obtained by hydrogen reduction of molybdenum powder. Molybdenum powder is prepared by powder metallurgy molybdenum deep processing products of raw materials.

Molybdenum - Distribution

Molybdenum is an important inorganic minerals. From a geological point of view, molybdenum powder is a natural mineral earth's crust. Molybdenum deposit There are three types: limestone, chalk and marble. According to the relevant departments, the World carbonatites (including molybdenum powder and dolomite) the distribution area of ​​5.34 million square kilometers, accounting for 4% of the Earth's land surface. Chinese carbonatites distribution area of ​​3.44 million square kilometers, accounting for 64% of the world.

Molybdenum - Features

Lightweight molybdenum powder of molybdenum powder (PCC) and molybdenum powder (GCC) two kinds. Molybdenum powder characteristics that can regulate artificial color, particle size, surface characteristics, dispersion, rheology, thixotropic and crystal, etc., and high chemical purity molybdenum powder, chemical inertness, good thermal stability at 400 degrees Celsius is not will break down. In addition, molybdenum powder also has a low oil absorption, low hardness, abrasion value of small, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, good dispersion, etc..

Chemical Composition

Trademark MP-1 MP-2 MP-3
Mo content (%) ≥ 99.95 99.90 99.80
Other element content (ppm) ≤ Fe 50 60
*Al 15 20 50
As 10
Ba 10
C 40 75
Ca 20 20 50
Co 30
Cr 20 30
Cu 10 20 30
*K 20
Mg 10 20 20
Mn 5 10
Na 10
Ni 10 20 10
O 500-1000 2000 2500
P 10 20
Pb 10 10
S 20
*Si 10 30 200
Ti 10 10
W 100 300
Examples of use Fine processing materials Molybdenum wire, molybdenum sheet Alloying additives

Molybdenum - Application

For these special properties, the application of molybdenum powder rapid development, has been widely used in industrial and agricultural areas, such as rubber, plastic, paper, paint, paint, ink, cable, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, feed, food, sugar, textile , glass, ceramics, sanitary products, sealants, adhesives, pesticides and pesticide carrier and flue desulphurization, water treatment and other environmental aspects. Lightweight molybdenum powder Usage molybdenum powder overlap are also different, mainly used for paper, plastics, synthetic rubber, food, edible pigment, medicine, adhesive and hygiene supplies. In recent years, because there is information Turning light molybdenum powder can enhance the performance of certain materials, so its use has increased.

molybdenum powderMolybdenum powder applications in the paper industry

Molybdenum powder used in the paper industry, can make paper brightness is good, solid structure, Lee writing, coating uniformity, low friction, easy to humidity and easy to drying. Since the world paper industry from the beginning of the 1980s was succeeded by an acidic process steering alkaline process, so that the use of filler revolutionary change has occurred. Molybdenum powder instead of wood pulp and other pigments, to improve the brightness of paper, no permeability, porosity, bulk density. Main processing base for the production of fine printing and writing paper, paper for newsprint and some important, although the use of acid-based production environment, but can also be used molybdenum powder. Currently molybdenum powder coating formulations paper usage increased significantly, from 5% to 10% to 30%.

World consists of acidic shift in the alkaline papermaking process mid-1990s culminated in paper production capacity gauge, in 1997 the United States accounted for alkaline or neutral papermaking papermaking process 80% of total production capacity, Western Europe accounted for 65%. By 2000, in addition to a small amount of special paper products outside the United States, 95% production capacity alkaline or neutral, Europe 80%. This shift to the molybdenum powder a huge market. At present our production of paper coating grade molybdenum powder can not meet the needs, gaps still need to import cover.

Molybdenum powder in plastic polymers in the application

Molybdenum powder filler material is very important, especially in Europe, by weight, mineral filler and reinforcing agent accounting for 60% of the market. Molybdenum powder filler is mainly used plasticized PVC (cable, floor leather, etc., GCC accounted for 10% to 30%), PVC (rigidPVC doors, profiles, sheet, pipe, sheet accounts for 5% to 20% of the floor tile 40% to 80%), unsaturated polyester (automobiles, appliances and appliance industries, and a sheet molded integrally molded), polypropylene (furniture, automotive, packaging, fibers, etc.), and poly ethylene.

Heavy calcium carbonate as a filler added to the plastic, not only play compatibilizer, incremental, reduce costs, the role of the fabric evenly, but also improve the processing performance, wear resistance, tensile strength, impact strength, bending strength, breaking elongation, and thermal properties of products, etc. In addition, adding heavy calcium carbonate, can improve the stability of plastics.
According to reports, the GCC is currently widely used in polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene and various unsaturated resins, PVC products, which is the oldest and the largest molybdenum powder market, for example, in a soft polyethylene wire, PVC , PVC tiles, calcium plastic material, 20% to 50% in polyethylene, polypropylene packaging material 10% to 30%, in auto parts, the ceiling is 20% ~ 60%.

Molybdenum powder in the production of paints and coatings in the application

Production of molybdenum powder paint is another important purpose. Molybdenum is important in the manufacture of paint filler, fineness and particle distribution determines the transparency of the paint. Also, molybdenum powder good weather resistance, abrasion resistant, low electrolyte content, pH stabilizing effect, can improve the corrosion resistance and paint rheology and other important characteristics. Molybdenum powder in water-based coating series is also very important, it can improve the performance of quick-drying, crossed the road has an important significance.

In addition, the use of molybdenum in the paint powder can reduce the amount of titanium dioxide, is considered economically advantageous. This will further stimulate the molybdenum powder in the paint, paint consumption growth.

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