Molybdenum Wire Furnace

Molybdenum wire furnace is kind of high temperature furnace and usually uses molybdenum wire as heating element. It has a number of types, including vacuum molybdenum wire furnace, hydrogen molybdenum wire furnace, high temperature molybdenum wire furnace and molybdenum wire sintering furnace and so on. The vacuum molybdenum wire furnace is mainly composed of furnace body, lid, heat shield, vacuum system and electrical control cabinet. Furnace body and lid are water-cooling sandwich structure. The inner wall is stainless steel and outer wall is carbon steel. There is equipped with thermocouple hole on furnace body. Heat element is made of molybdenum wire, surrounded with heat shield which produces by molybdenum sheet or stainless steel sheet. Bottom tray and support material is made by alumina.

There are two kind of molybdenum wire including pure molybdenum wire and doped molybdenum wire and common size is Ø0.051 ~ 0.0350mm. It is made of sintered molybdenum bar after swaging or rolling to obtain molybdenum rod and then after stretching processing to obtain. The main marks of Chinese molybdenum wire are Mo1, Mos, Mo2, Mo3 and Mo3s. Mo1 and Mo2 is pure molybdenum wire and Mo3 is added with Ca, Mg and other elements doped molybdenum wire.

Molybdenum wire has high temperatures, corrosion resistance, high strength and other properties, so in many fields have a wide range of applications.

CRT industry, electron gun is commonly used for picture tubes production. Molybdenum wire as an important component used in electronic gun has high requirements, where Mo content is greater than 99.95% and the main specifications is Ø0.127mm, 37.5mg / 200m.

Molybdenum coating industry, spraying molybdenum is mainly used in high temperature, corrosion and impact resistance products and therefore have higher requirements, its purity ≥99.5%, preferably 99.9%, the surface without cracks, burrs, seams and other defects and well controlled Fe and Ni impurities content and C, Na, O2 gas content.

Wire cutting molybdenum is as wire electrode applied to the WEDM wire eletric discharge machine), where Mo content should not less than 99.3% and should have better tensile strength, low elongation.

molybdenum wire furnace molybdenum wire

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