Sintered Molybdenum Parts

Compacts or bulk powder body strength and density is low. In order to improve the compacts or bulk powder body strength, need to be heat-treated under appropriate conditions. Compacts or bulk powder body heated to a temperature below the melting point of the basic elements, and at this temperature insulation, so that the powder particles combine with each other to improve their performance, this heat treatment is called sintering. That the sintering is a powder or compact at a certain external conditions and the sintering temperature below the melting point of the main group element, the surface of the powder particles in reduced pore volume reduced. Sintering of powder metallurgy materials and product performance has a decisive role. The results of the sintered powder particles bond, the strength of the sintered body increased, and in most cases, its density is also increased. Compacts during the sintering process to go through a series of physical and chemical changes. Beginning of the evaporation of water or organic or volatile, the adsorbed gases to exclude the elimination of stress, the reduction of the surface oxide powder particles, followed by atom diffusion, viscous flow and plastic flow, the contact surface between the particles increases, the occurrence of in the crystal grain growth. Appear liquid, solid-phase dissolution and recrystallization. No clear boundaries between each of these processes, so that the whole sintering process becomes very complex.

sintered mo parts

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