Molybdenum Heater

Ordinary heat resistance furnace, vacuum furnace heating elements with iron chrome aluminum (such as OCr25Al7Mo2) and nickel-chromium alloy (eg Cr20Ni80), molybdenum heater is mainly used for vacuum furnace heating.

When molybdenum heater is damaged, replace the damage part of the molybdenum and tropical local . Will cut off the damaged part, to take one and the same-size piece of molybdenum, 2 ~ 3mm thick molybdenum films on both sides of grip, with playing the screw holes, then tighten molybdenum screws.

Routine inspections found that the molybdenum sheet has deformation, falling, lodging and other phenomena, we can be use blowtorch bake the external force to restore its proper shape and size, and then the molybdenum wire lift bundled fixed.

molybdenum heaters

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