Molybdenum Shelf

molybdenum shelfMolybdenum shelf (tic-tac-toe frame) referred to hoist. It is used to solve the vertical transportation a simple and convenient lifting equipment construction, general chassis, derrick body (standard section), frame rails, hanging baskets, pulley, rocker and electric winch , wire rope, cable wind rope (with wall bracket), ground anchors, and various safety devices, etc., belonging to an amorphous semi-mechanized. Material hoist has a simple structure, reliable technology, high safety factor, easy accessibility, and-the-box features. Especially in the trial of the wire rope breaking, self-locking device to play the excellent performance of the insurance. Widely used in the Fair exhibit, storage, warehouse, construction, no external wall surface of the delivery of goods, save a lot of labor.

Molybdenum shelf is to enhance the aircraft main components molybdenum draft tube and molybdenum enhance the fighting, mainly used to improve high-temperature materials and has a strong corrosive materials. Molybdenum shelf with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient of the advantages is to do a high temperature and corrosive enhance best materials.

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