Molybdenum Seed Chunk

molybdenum chuck

Molybdenum seed chunk, whose other names are molybdenum chunk, and molybdenum seed, is one of important part in sapphire growth furnace. By taking advantage of its high temperature resistance, it is mainly used parts of high temperature furnace. Purity of seed chunk made of Chinatungsten can be over 99.95%, and density is over 10g/cm3. the surface is bright, smooth and without burrs. It is not a one-time product, but several times used parts and ours can decrease the pressure of tungsten wire used for drawing sapphire crystals. The seed chunk is applied as connector for seed rods, when used this chunk,just connect it with seed rod and tight by molybdenum sharp parts. The shape of molybdenum seed chunk can be many and changed according to match with sapphire growth furnace.

molybdenum chuck molybdenum seed chuck mo seed chuck

There are several points to be paid attention during using the chunk.
1. No burrs before setting up.
2. Keep clear using records,and change the used out chunk under the specified times.
3. Change the seed chunk when finding there are burrs and dregs.
4. For the process of pulling crystals, check the situation of crucible wall to protect seeds from crystallization in the furnace. The better checking time is once in 10minutes.
5. When finding out the seed is heavy, decrease the pulling speed.
6. Cutting the seed in the part of thin seed. Cutting, no twisting, or polishing needed.
7. Change the seed chunk every 100times, and if the vacuum condition is not good, the times should be decreased to twice.

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